Fire Dragon Picture

Created from our collective mythology come thousands of tales of dragons and their dark deeds, attacking, guarding treasure, breathing fire – a seemingly impassable object on the human journey that must be slain and overcome before progress can be made.
Map makers of old knew them well – “ There be dragons herre” they’d write about those seemingly vast and scary areas of ocean that lay beyond all that was known to them. And perhaps dragons still remain this way to us – guardians of our own mysterious soul, the part of us that seems unkown and scary, yet in actuality holds the greatest treasure.
Dragons are a talisman symbolizing the life force, creation and the essence of nature.
The older a dragon gets the more powerful and intelligent it becomes

Dragon.... Creative Spirit

Dragon.. symbol and meaning of the Power of the Souls Creativity....its mystical... its flight of the imagination... this is the very foundation of a New Civilization!

The Creative Spirit must ride within the Great Magnificent Dragon, who soars with great wings of passion and courage... out of the cloudy mists and fogs of life to claim itself!
Thrilling, joyous, chaotic, exhilarating and with great power, demanding respect for the act of creation!
Embodying power, beauty and the very mystery of ones own inner forces which make and shape your world.
The Dragon.... metaphor of the artists journey, journey of transformations and enlightenment that goes forever and through timelessness, with advances and set back, times of soaring .. times of retreat.. times of rest.. times of learning.. times of teaching.. time to let knowledge settle into a pearl of wisdom.

The pearl of wisdom is not merely a trophy of the Dragon, but a tool, the ability to draw strength and optimism from the very memory of its sweetness. For the power of wisdom cannot be contained, it must be shared freely, it can then fill and refill itself again and again.

It is true that we cannot give what we do not have, but it is also true that we cannot keep what we have without giving it away.
The vital dance of the twin nature of the Dragon is what the human world has depended upon. It is a fierce interplay between teaching and learning. This is the soul of creativity, in which the two cannot be separated.. they are one heartbeat of creativity itself.

In all Chaos there is a cosmos
In all disorder is a secret order

Our real learning arrives when the competative spirit has ceased.

There is a strong shadow where there is much light.

The Dragon rests in repose on the ledge of authenticity, enjoying calm and solitude, savoring a place where neither striving nor defending is necessary, a place of precious stillness from the contention of the world.

From this place the Dragon sees into the distance and can see the future taking shape, serene in knowing the way, renewing itself, Dragon prepares to venture forth again to the new cycle of transfomation and enlightenment bearing all that has been learned, knowing how and when to move forth into the new!

(inspired and put together bits and pieces from the book "the Artist Way")
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