CxH: Weighing of the Hearts Picture

"H-Harold..." Courtney gulped and stared in horror at the giant monstrosity that towered over and her geeky comrade, "What is that thing?!"

"That's Ammut." Harold answered. He was looking at the evil creature with curiosity more than fright. "It's a demon that's half lion, half hippo, and have crocodile. She's also known as 'The Devourer of the Death,' 'Eater of Hearts,' 'Great of Death,'..."

"OKAY! Enough already!" Courtney snapped.

"You don't have to worry about her," Thoth, the ibis-head god droned in a bored fashion, "At least not until after the weighing of the hearts ceremony."

"Okay, I might not know as much about Egyptian mythology as Harold," Courtney irritably said, "But don't you have to be dead first before you can do that?"

"And have your heart in a little vase?" quipped Harold.

Thoth let out a cruel chuckle.

"Well, that can easily be arranged."

Courtney's hand quickly tightened around Harold's.

Hehe, you thought that a piece called "Weighing of the Hearts" would be more romantic? Pssffffttt! NOT IN EGYPT, NEWBS!
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