Loki NOT from your retarded scAvengers Picture

Loki is Northern deity of chaos and deception (and, probably, fire), a horrible unpredictable person who could do anything from mischief to killing for sake of fun, and also ancestor of all the trolls (both literally and figuratively).
Loki is NOT some wimpy emo goth supervillain wannabe. Seriously, how could anyone think that guy with puppy eyes and black hair (whilst Loki, according to Edda, is RED-haired) can play Loki? Of course, girls would cum and piss all over (and they do), but Marvel's abomination is NOT Loki, in no fucking way.
Generally speaking, that scAvengers movie, it actually sucks balls. I fail to see what's so awesome about it that DA sinks in faggotry almost equal to that of My Litter Poontangs fandom. It's nothing more than average superhero movie, and those, you know, aren't masterpieces. Only reason why there's so much faggotry is cast with plenty of options to fap or shlick at.

Ahem. If you look at Loki's [shittily drawn] hand, you'll notice sprout of mistletoe. If you know Northern mythology, you know why he's holding it.

(c) Loki by awesome Northern people. Thank you guys for creating best myths ever, we will always remember initial concepts of your creation.
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