The Hermit Picture

The Hermit

Anime: Yoroiden Samurai Troopers (American title: Ronin Warriors)
Character: Kaos (American name: The Ancient)

"Open the eyes of your heart." This was the challenge Kaos presented to Shuten Doji (that's Anubis in the American version), and also more generally to each of the Samurai Troopers.

Kaos appears in the anime as a wise, mysterious old wandering monk whose long life of seeking wisdom and understanding has given him seemingly supernatural powers. He uses these gifts to help others along the same path of understanding. Each and every one of the Samurai Troopers (and also, of course, Shuten Doji) is challenged by Kaos to look deep within himself and discover the true nature of his own soul. It is only by coming to grips with this knowledge that each warrior can grow and advance along his path, and leave behind the mistakes and misunderstandings that hold them back.

The challenge of Kaos can be a very quiet and introspective one, but it is a crucial step to take when beginning the quest to find the heights of one's inner self. His challenge is the same for all: Open up the eyes of your heart.

Meanings at a glance: A teacher, in the form of an actual person, or books, or one's higher self; the opportunity to guide someone else; a challenge to look within to gain clarity; wisdom; Perhaps a need to retreat from the chaos of everyday life for a while to gain some perspective


Not much to say about this card, really. I knew from the moment I first began thinking about it that Kaos was the only person I wanted for the Hermit card, because he fit so well. He wasn't a major character in the series, but without him nothing would have turned out right.

Probably most of you out there are used to thinking of him as 'The Ancient' beacause you, as I did, first encountered him in the American dub called 'Ronin Warriors'. I loved this show; however, after I discovered the changes that had been made from the original 'Samurai Troopers', I realized I liked the 'Samurai Troopers' version better. Largely this was because the original Japanese names of the characters actually tied into real mythological concepts that got utterly lost in the American changes. And also because the American version changed a few things that later made the story make less sense. Plus, I just liked the characters' voices better - especially Shuten Doji's. (Why, oh why did American cartoons always have to make every bad guy's voice sound like they'd just come through a paper shredder??) ((Yes, I do keep mentioning Shuten/Anubis. You're very perceptive. Perhaps this is because he's one of my all-time favourite anime characters, ever. And yes, he will be appearing later in this tarot deck.)
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