Huitzilopichtli Picture

Okay, I am finding a true liking to Aztec Mythology XD

Anyways, Huitzilopitchli is my favorite god. He's the god of the sun and war, patron of Tenochtitlan (Today the capital of Mexico) and was symbolized by an eagle.

Everyday he was to be sacrificed a human, since at night he had to fight the forces of evil and needed the human heart (Since it was the main source of blood) to have strength. If he did not had a sacrifice, the sun would not rise and chaos would rule the land.

Edit (4/4/11): It was every 52 days, he did not demanded sacrifice everyday. Thank you ~Sal-shido-kun for the information ^3^

And yes, I made him in my own style. I think that he looks awesome anyways! XD

Hope you like it ^^
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