Chaos EC - My version WIP Picture

This is based off of a description Mike Latham gave to me along with a bit of my own taste put into it. This is in no way the finished version of the Chaos EC. I'm still debating if I should make his other arm made out of earth or change his wardrobe a bit.

Yes, I have had contact with Mike Latham as of late. Here's what he said about the Chaos Eternal Champion:

"Chaos is a creature of time mixed with entropy. Meaning while time is fluid and Chaos and the characters can move through it even he can't fight the force of entropy. So instead he embraces what is his greatest weakness and this is what makes him so dangerous.

So his powers are a mix of time attacks. In addition he can control the destructive entropy of the core elements, such as air, fire, metal, water, and earth. Most of these concepts are rooted in Chinese mythology.

Each player has an element of power and weakness as well. So you have to play in very strategic order to drop both his attack lines of time and entropy.

As for what he looks like, I'm sorry I don't have any of the art work, it was left as property of Sega. What I can tell you is he looked like the Eternal, but his body was made of the core elements mentioned above and would shift per his best need of attack and his clothing was made of energy like their bodies of the Eternal and would constantly flux showing various warrior outfits from many time lines."

I wasn't sure if he meant Buddhist warrior outfits or what. I gave his outfit a bit of transparency which is why You can see through part of his clothing. Like I said, this picture is still very much WIP.

Eternal Champions Franchise is property of Sega. Eternal Champions namesake is property of Mike Latham. All rights reserved for original owners.

Also, Mike Latham personally okayed the fangame plan I made to finish the Eternal Champions series once and for all.

Edit: Mike said it needed some work. It's not exactly how it was intended by him. He said that his body should be solid and his outfit should be made of energy. I also need to do an outfit from asia for each Champion's time period for him. Requires a lot of patience and research.
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