Raguel - Angel of Ice Picture

Version 2 is portrait-oriented. Because the real model is naked, I added a drapery across his torso which also covers his nether region. Also I added more contrast.

Raguel is a character from my gay erotic novel Devil's Collector [link] He is one of the archangels. Unlike other angels, he is quite stern and discipline. Almost like Lucifer [link] Raguel thinks of himself as the purest angel and the most obedient. Hence he loves to prosecute other angels whom he thinks are straying from the path of God. Because of that, most angels don't like him too much.

In my story, God suddenly changes His own prophecy. Instead of letting Devil [link] stray the humans till Armageddon, He decides to kill the demons and rescues all humans from Hell. God's sudden decision shocked both demons and angels. Also hating the humans for being impure, Raguel dislikes God's sudden decision. While Anael [link] tries to spread love in order to stop any victims, Raguel does the opposite.

Raguel is the angel of ice and snow. He can manipulate snowflakes into deadly weapons, and also summon hailstorm. When battling demons, Raguel can turn himself into a giant mythological bird Zumrud-u Anka (ice phoenix from Turkish mythology).

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