Heartblade Joker Picture

Joker - Batman

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This is not my strongest picture in the series, but here it is anyway.

This joker is based largely on Arkham Asylum which is where I really fell in love with him. Before he was an awesome villain, but I didn't realize the depth of his depravity until I was playing through that game. He's a true sociopath motivated by blatant logic. According to him the world is naturally chaos and our attempts to suppress it with order are not only futile, but hilarious. He stages theatrical pranks and complex confusing plots to watch us squirm and try and solve them through rationale Sometimes he does stuff for no reason at all, other times it's to undermine law enforcement or government to prove that he can, rarely is it for money or personal fame like more common criminals. I distinctly remember an episode where he demands millions of dollars in ransom money only to burn it for fun.

He is particularly amused by Batman, by all accounts a lunatic himself who deserves to be incarcerated as much as the Joker does but who remains free because he's on the side of order. If the Joker can just get Gotham to realize who they've been trusting with their safety... if he can get them to see what kind of insane ends they're going to to separate themselves from chaos.... he would finally die laughing. I find his mirror logic totally fascinating and I enjoy Mark Hamill's portrayal of his voice, he knows how to communicate that smug superiority Joker lives with on a daily basis.

If we're talking Kingdom Hearts style mythology here... and a heartblade comes from a strong heart.... then I think Joker gets one. Batman should have one too and they would get into epic heartblade battles that neither ever win. They're foils in the most definitive sense of the word - two sides of a coin. Brilliant.
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