Percy Jackson Godly Family Tree Picture

Okay so yeah, since my memory card with my stories died on me, I've been busy re-planning all those fanfictions.

And that one is kind of related to The Destroyer of Neverland, since the fic was for me the first time to use the titans.

And seriously, if the godly family tree ain't fucked up enough as it is, it's getting even more complicated with the titans. But if you try looking a Greek family tree up, you get hundreds of results and all are different since different sources state different parents for some gods and titans.

So this is MINE. I did it with my favorite source for Greek gods and myths and go along with it. No complaining about "But XXX is the kid of YYY", because that always depends on what you're looking up in some cases.

Anyway, I did it as orientation for myself so I can see whose child which titan is and stuff and for the fun of it I added the gods and also the PJatO/HoO demi-gods.

Yeah, I'm well aware that Reyna and Hylla are not the children of Enyo - but Enyo is the Greek counter part of Bellona and since I used the Greek gods for this family tree, they're listed as Enyo's kids.

And yes, Octavian is not a child of Apollo but his legacy. But how in the world am I supposed to put THAT? So he's just listed beneath Apollo.

Another yes, all the characters have last names in this since it's mine and I listed them with the last names I use for them in my fanfictions. Seriously, a family tree without last names looks just crappy. So don't bother with Simmons and Anderson and the other last names, yes?

Oh, and it's up to date. I added Alabaster and the old dude from the Demigod Diaries too.

Friend of mine said I should post it so others can look the messed-up Greek family up too. So here it is.

It's a great help for me while writing my stories that are not set in an AU world... Well, and I'm addicted to doing family trees.

EDIT: Fixed some stuff that didn't add up right with Chaos' kids when I did some research for my story All the Percybilities (still wondering why everyone who comes up with a Chaos-story pictures Chaos as 1. bad and 2. a guy, even though the one bearing everything else is not only logically speaking female, but also mythologically speaking in fact a female deity).

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