Dashaavatar-Vimanika Comics Picture

Lord Vishnu is the central figure of the Holy Trinity of Hindu Gods- Brahma and Shiva being the other two. Lord Vishnu is said to be the sustaining and preserving factor of creation.
In times of great distress, Lord Vishnu appeared on earth to save mankind from evil demons.
There are ten incarnations(Avatar's) of Lord Vishnu termed as the Dashaavataaras.
During each incarnation, great battles were fought between gods and demons, and the gods emerged victorious- but only with great assistance from Lord Vishnu.
These tales tell of the triumph of good over evil and of man’s eternal quest for order in chaos.
In the forthcoming issues, authentic Hindu Mythology will be presented to you in inimitable Vimanika style. In each issue, the tales of Lord Vishnu’s Avatar's will be told.
In the first issue of Dashaavatara the tale of Matsyaavatara- The Fish, and Koormaavatara- The Tortoise will be recounted.
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