dungeon ideas #3 chaos void Picture

This is an dungeon based off of Japanese mythology. This will be the first boss ever to drop a ut shuriken. The shuriken gives a ninja the powers of a knight. I think it'd be kewl for ninja users. Ninjas may suck, but there are still good ninja players out there. This goes to u ninja players. The boss is amatsu mikaboshi. Amatsu mikaboshi is portrayed asnevol in many comic books. I have real Japanese friends. They told me the truth. Amatsu mikaboshi is just really lonely and sad, and he is the kaki, or Japanese god, that is acknowledged the least. This might lead you to become a total a hole. Just saying. So just to emphasize that, when you kill amatsu mikaboshi, he says " thank you, my soul ismfinnally at rest". I thought amatsu deserved a happy ending. So yeah. Rotmg is created by kabam and wildshadow, but the idea and drawing credits go to moi.
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