Mythology MOC Competition - Tiamat - Queen of All Picture

A beast believed to be as old as time itself, this huge dragoness is believed to be the first of all sentient life, according to Mesopotamian mythology (and all Goddesses are believed to be the oldest according to the same mythology). Of course, this is only my own interpretation. The Babylonians did not see her as a dragoness at all, but more a sea-cow of sorts, and a beast borne of the open sea, while her mate was Apsu, borne of the freshwater. The 'mixing of waters' was said to bring all life to the earth, including other Gods and Goddesses.

Strangely enough, in earlier mythos, Tiamat was a peaceful creature, and her alteration to become a creature of chaos later on seems like a cruel misinterpretation.

The head I partially cloned off PrimusRulz' Lord Jetstream MOC…
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