TFA The Fallen Picture

Name: Previously known as Megatronus Prime
Function: Galactic Dark Lord / Decepticon Founder
Alt-Mode: Cybertronian Bomber


Equally mysterious as his true name forever lost in the
passage of time, the ancient entity simply known as "The Fallen" was rumored to be as formerly one of the great ancestors of the entire Cybertronian race told from the annals of legend. Enticed and corrupted by his own selfish ambitions as well as greed for power, he went astray and turned against his fellow brethren. For his diabolical atrocities, he was contained and then banished, never ever again to be seen nor mentioned in the rest of Cybertron's history. From that day forth, he was forever known as "The Fallen."

Other tales of The Fallen himself are shrouded in enigma. However, one thing is clear; He is incomparably evil and powerful. The Fallen thirsts for more power, and he craves for revenge. Should he resurface again, all of Cybertron would be plunged in a new age of chaos.

Galactic Powers and Abilities:

- Legend has it that he commands forces beyond the threshold of logic and science. The Fallen possesses numerous extraordinary arcane prowess that can freely manipulate any form of matter and energy according to his whim.

-His visage somewhat resembles the Decepticon sigil. Thus, a handful believed that he could be the first, and the originator himself of the Decepticons. His mark was used by the modern day Decepticons as a symbol of their struggle against the "Autobot tyranny."

-Except for an ancient few, most of the modern Decepticons including it's leaders like Megatron and Galvatron were oblivious of The Fallen's existence. Regarding the latter as merely fictional Decepticon legend and mythology.

7/24/09: Completed
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