Satan Picture

Satan - who opposes God. According to the religious beliefs of Christianity, the chief enemy of God and all the forces loyal to him in heaven and on earth.
Satan - on religious and mythological, and philosophical views of some Satanists, is one of the manifestations of Darkness and Chaos.
He was made an angel in the rank of a cherub and was a "seal of perfection, full of wisdom and a crown of beauty" and dwelt in the Garden of "fiery stones", but proud and wanted to be equal with God was thrown to the ground. Behind him followed by a portion of the angels turned into demons.
In the Gospel, Satan is described as "the prince of this world." Many of the early theologians believed that the God of the Old Testament - is the devil, who did not create the world out of nothing, but creates a personal ad - "the darkness of the abyss" - in imitation of the true God.
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