Zygarde Picture

The bringer of order!

This pokemon may (most likely) be based off Jörmungandr otherwise known as the "Midgard Serpent" or "World Serpent" from Norse Mythology. It's also probably based of Níðhöggr a dragon like beign which gnaws one of the three roots of Yggdrasil. Jörmungandr is also based off Ouroboros and is a balance of nature. I've read that when he lets go of its tail, the world will end and the order will be turned into chaos. The whole order thing, it's type combination of dragon/ground and the fact it has a serpent like body seems more likely to connect to this whole norse mythology theory.

Many people dislikes this Pokemon. Mainly because its design looks incomplete and because it looks more like a slug rather than a snake. I've found this pokemon to be very interesting looking and i like the design very much, it's inorganic and mysterious. I like.

I've spent a good 6+ hours on it using photoshop and a wacom Cintiq 12WX as a main tool.

Zygarde © pokemon, gamefreak & nintendo

Art © me.
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