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Sella Bora - Rise of the Guardians's OC

Sella Bora is a rebellious teenager born in Trieste. A small town in northern Italy usually with mild and sunny climate but some other days with sudden big winds, a wind that could you easily drags. Sella’s very stubborn and since childhood has passionate to freedom being always against her parents dominate her life. Taking her passion for freedom to the fullest by refusing to follow the orders of society, and trying to convince all the other young people think like her and not being controlled by others. She had a thought that one day everyone would rebel and reclaim their freedom. Her parents unable to control her temper and with the complaints of citizens by bad example for their children, began to forbid leaving the house. They were very disgusted by her ridiculous idea of wanting to be an independent woman.

Over time, Sella took the habit to escape and go to distant shores to enjoy a good time alone and collect a few shells. It was a secret place that was always going when she was upset, and needed her anger down before committing something later could regret. One day, one of those leaks didn't go as expected when caught in a violent storm, and that's when her life took a drastic change. Everything was diffuse but there is something she'll never forget: a strange dream; everything was dark and fuzzy and could only distinguish a glowing orb of light that seemed to approach, she couldn't recognize it was but clearly remembers hearing a voice whispering in her head would "Fear not, all will be well" The light disappeared falling into darkness when she fainted.

When she awoke was night and could hear the sound of the wind whistling that continued unabated, lifting the sand around into chaos uncontrollably blinding her. Although the winds aren’t affected as much as before, her panic not allowed to notice of that. She spent a day trapped in the great wind, sheltered beneath the large rocks that she used in normal day to rest from the sun for a while. There, sobbing desperately, noticed something lying at her feet. She could swear that wasn’t there before: it was a sea shell.

When taking the shell, examined it with what little she could see with the sand fluttering against her eyes, could almost swear could feel something. In fact ... felt as if it was alive, could feel a strong pulsing in her hand, was there a snail live in? If that were the case, shouldn't even be able to feel so strong. For a moment she forgot the wind. What was it that drew much of this shell? No sense. Watched it for what seemed like an eternity for her ensuring that in fact there was no live snail inside. With a great temptation she couldn't explain, approached the conch to her lips ... and blew.

She felt as if time stopped and a new wave of terror filled her, what was that? The wind began again with more strength than before. Sella watched intently the shell in her hands for a few minutes, approached again to the lips and tried again but this time focusing on the sensation as a slight electrical current running through her body. The wind decreased drastically once more. With a new sense of excitement and with more safely returned to blow, this time observing her surroundings carefully and imagined that the wind dies completely. Silence. The gale was over. Somehow this magical conch had managed to calm the beast.

Take with hard the conch in her hands and ran desperately to the city in great fear of the disaster that awaited her. The closer, more helplessness overcame her, how long had lasted this gale? The city was in chaos, some wooden houses fell, had broken trees, and everything was covered in sand that came from the coast... and for some reason, she felt guilty.

When first saw her parents she believed that they were ignoring her. When her mother started running and shouting the name of her daughter, seeing everywhere with despair; a sorrow filled the heart of Sella. When her father ran in desperation stumbled –No– way through his daughter, Sella's soul broke. And there understood everything: she hadn't survived the cyclone.

Since that day, everything about her changed. The rebellious girl who hated her parents, now she agonized over embraces them once more. But every time she tried her pain grew more and more when simply way through them. Time passed and never found her body, of course; and now she was only a spirit wandering the world. She witnessed the reconstruction of the damage in the city and her parents mourn for the loss of their daughter every day, with her only brother comforting them. Her older brother, who was always trying to support his own pain. That day, he helped her out of the house without their parents noticing, so that he felt guilty for everything that happened; and Sella could never tell him that he wasn't the culprit.

She didn't take long to realize that the wind acting according to her emotions. Sella now had a permanent cold breeze emanating from her body, blowing her hair and clothes. And that was all that made her feeling that it was really there because every time that passed between people, these asking uncomfortable "This stream where it came from?"

Time passed. Her family was gone, the city continued to grow, and Sella understanding the reason for her existence. She learned to calm and induce the north wind. A wind cold and dry. In autumn when the leaves began to fall, with the winds of autumn she does the weather is getting colder, preparing the nature for the start of winter. That with the help of the conch, now saved as a precious treasure, can channel the power to control more precisely the magnitude the winds and have scope in various parts of the world at the same time.

Sella is very emotional and sensitive, but also tends to be somewhat superficial and very sarcastic. Her mind is her tool, everything that happens think and analyze about that, she's a perfectionist. Think a lot about what is right and just. Truth and honesty is essential to she and lose all confidence when someone betrays her. she's also indecisive, loves freedom and loves a good joke. But something changed in her, the rebellious girl who hated the rules, now only cares about the order, the duties and responsibilities; taking them as a means to control her temper to avoid catastrophe because of her lack of control. Her anger can become extremely dangerous, because the wind can start suddenly in a clear and calm day and produce a big problem, and even more when she was near the sea.

Sella Bora, a young immortal trapped in the age of 19 years, when the Moon Man gave her one more chance to live. Now the Spirit of the North Wind and Spirit of Liberty.

Sella means "she's free". OC inspired by one of the wind gods of Greek mythology, Boreas ("North Wind" or "Devouring") and the Wind Bora (this derives from Boreas xD).

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