Runs In The Family Picture

Norse mythology (sort of) god Loki, patron of mischief, evil and fire, with two of his sons, Fenrir (the wolf) and Jormungand (the snake). Don't ask me why... I've been involved with mythology of all sorts a lot lately. To the ones interested, I'd recommend Scandinavian mythology big time. I find it infinitely interesting. Can't believe I didn't get into it as soon as I had the chance. Still, better late than never, they say...

When I first read the story of this guy's offspring, I though he had seriously messed up genes. But then again, there's a greater symbolism behind this. The very idea of incarnate, prehistoric evil, an agent of chaos older than the Devil, possibly, of a sublime natural force, a bad seed, a blood drop carrying a predatory spark from an animal to man... sue me, but I find it fascinating. And, not to mention my lifelong wolf affinity which began when I was about three years old... so yeah, this is basically my reason to do it. It started off as a doodle, no reference images used (that's why the wolf is so crooked up there). As for Loki, I took the liberty of adding an acid burn on his chest from the time of his being chained to a rock yadda yadda (check it out on Wikipedia for more info) and an inconstant hair color to imply about his shape-shifting abilities and so on... That sums the picture up, I think. I failed to draw all of his children, but I assume these illustrate the guy's case more than clearly. As for the gene of madness, malice and mischief, the sly predator note... well you can tell it runs in the family.
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