goddesses - bast, isis, eris Picture

So, I expanded my Egyptian-mythology thing into other pantheons, namely Greek (with Japanese and Indian on the way, plus others, eventually).

Isis - you should know who she is by now. XD

Bast - You probably know of Bast as the cat-headed goddess of everything from fertility to vengeance (Egyptian mythology is funny that way), but here she's a rather eccentric hippie-ish chick who winds up being the sex therapist to pretty much all the gods in her pantheon and in others. I think she's cute. ^^ Also, Sekhmet is her twin sister.

Eris - Greek goddess of chaos. Uh, she's insane - think Delirium crossed with Samara with a healthy dash of Drusilla thrown in there, only take out the murderousness, and you have Eris.
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