Discord Picture

Took me really long, this guy. But I think it was worth it... So, I'm happy to show you the Lord of Chaos!

Since in my headcanon the few immortal characters (Luna, Celestia, Discord, Sombra, Tirek, Chrysalis and maybe a few others) are considered as Gods (and I actually love this because I'm fascinated by the Greek culture and mythology), I wanted to give them something special, let's say. So I looked up for "chaos" in anything I could and discovered that the symbol of chaos is a circle whence start 8 arrows, each one in a different direction. So I associated them with the 8 parts of Discord's body:

Deer Horn - Fire; This horn has lava inside of it, and often emits flakes and fire, especially when the draconequus is angry.
Blue Horn - Water; This horn, instead, is entirely made of water and has a really thin membrane made of water steam.

Bat Wing - Thunder; The thunder marks on the skin are actually scars, and have the colour red because the injury never really healed and there's only dried blood on it.
Bird Wing - Wind; The main flight feathers spread a strong breeze. When Discord flaps this wing particularly fast, it can create small storms in distant places.

Lion Paw - Earth; There are some rocks on this paw. They are part of the skin and often are in sync with the deer horn: they overheat when the fervency intensifies.
Bird Claw - Air; Only shaking his fist, the draconequus can cause frightening hurricanes where he wants to.

Dinosaur Leg - Slue; Water comes permanently out of this leg. When the draconequus is scared, though, the scales suddenly become dry (as well as the deer horn's temperature decreases).
Billygoat leg - Mountain; There's a sort of shin guard on this hind leg. It's made of gold and silver, and it is extremely dangerous, because it gives Discord the power to control earthquakes and, sometimes, volcano eruptions.

(I really hope it's understandable from the drawing itself ç_ç). So, as you could read (and I thank you in advice if you actually did), Discord controls Nature forces. Before he was set in stone, he often practiced his favourite activity (creating chaos) by causing terrible and lethal natural disasters.
He has a very big size, but not as big as Sombra. He's more or less twice Celestia's size (which is next to come out for my headcanon series), but of course (as seen in the show) he can manipulate other things, and not only natural powers, this includes also magic spells and form changing.

I think that's it for now. I hope you like it <3
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