Wolf Gods: Kopoli Picture

Kopoli is the son of Fenrir and Shy (though not with her consent), and is considered to be the god of chaos and trickery. Kopoli makes a nuisance of himself to everyone, wolves and other creatures alike. He is even known to play malicious pranks on humans in the guise of a dog; note the collar! Someone's hand is probably long-digested by now for that one. His patchwork pelt is unmistakable among the gods, as is his lean, jackal-like frame. His name is cursed by anyone that runs into a spell of bad luck, and he's only really tolerated by the other gods because he saved Odin's life... or did he? More trickery perhaps?

For those keeping score with my lupine bastardization of Norse mythology, Kopoli is loosely based on the character Loki.

Photoshop 7 be used for this, as well as a photo reference of a golden jackal for the legs and feet. His fur was a blast to colour. I want to do more paintings of him just to do the nappy calico pelt!
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