Halloween Demon Picture

Many people were requesting Rush.
(I had no idea people actually paid attention to him!)
So here he is, a lovely little something for Halloween. o.O

Not many people know about his past so I'll write this little blurb about him.

His birth
A priest climbed the highest mountain to reach the heavens. He wanted to pray to whatever Gods were left in the world. The soil he knelt on was drenched with the blood of a million demons long past dead. The God that heard him was Ronin, God of Chaos. The Priest was engulfed in the blood drenched mud. He was killed, but was reborn as a Devil.

His helmet
The skull belonged to the Devil's grandson who happened to be the most powerful demon at the time before God's angels killed him. The skull gets damaged later on and Rush has to find another mask. o.O

His purpose
To kill God, who happens to have vanished but is still present somewhere.

His hands
Are permanently stained red due to the constant slaughtering.

Please, I don't want to hear how "omg how can he kill God? You're going to HELL!" This is a fictional story with a fusion of Greek/Roman/Oriental/Catholic/Egyptian religion and mythology!
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