Mindy the Keeper of the Apple Picture

I have a new headcannon and sweet costume design...

So, I made Princess and Mindy from the Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy friends in my fanfic and I was thinking... well Princess has powers, so what if Mindy had some kind of powers... then they could fight together as totally cool bffs... So I came up with this idea that Mindy made some kind of bet with Eris the Goddess of Chaos and she lost, giving Mindy the Apple of Discord (she has to transform for the apple to work). And since she's only a human, the Apple has some restrictions (she can only afflict minor chaos on to people), but it can still shape-shift into any weapon she wants, and she can throw the Apple like a grenade (and it always comes back to her afterwards).

Now Princess isn't the only one who has a Greek artifact in their possession (Greek mythology rocks).

Yeah, as you can tell, I have a thing for minor female villain characters from cartoons... I have a Crust Cousins headcannon next... you know from My Life as a Teenage Robot... yeah...

Oh, and I also found out that Mindy also comes from a wealthy family, so her, Princess, and Jack being friends totally makes sense... rich kids unite!
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