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Characters belong to Yu-gi-oh!

Happy 2007, dear every one! Thank you for your support since my first deviantion in DA. I feel so sorry for not updating so long. Tomatos and eggs are welcome. I had been stuck with work and became lazy with doodling. When I retrieve my inspiration and motivation in Yu-gi-oh!(Thanks to my dear friend raincat who lent me the whole tv serious of the anime, though I already knew the end from the manga, but the TV threw a new light on YGO for me, more new light in Seto and Yami's common respect and love?XD. That was really hilarious and I could feel my blood boiling inside.)
I couldn't open DA since the Asia Earthquake, recently I can but the speed is very slow, have to try several times opening a page|||| I think the true recover will be after Jan.15th. Gosh, that's my commssions' deadline, ambivalence.

About the fanart:
Inspired by Yu-gi-oh! fanfic 红沙 and Egypt mythology.
The god of chaos Seth and the Falcon God Horus. Once Seth digged out Horus' eyes in a fight.(shudder)
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