Glad to see you again Picture

Have some human DiscoPie: has been a while since last time I doodled them.

Before someone bursts into the usual "EEEEW, but he's OLD", let me explain my point of view. I don't picture Discord as old: I imagine him as a deity, the spirit of chaos, completely ageless. And I like to ship him with Pinkie 'cause I see it as some kind of god/mortal thing, which to me is dramaticly sweet and romantic (greek mythology is a list of examples). So yeah, I imagine Discord like some kind of god. The reason why I don't draw him like some hot bishounen is simple: I picture him as kind of ugly. Let's admit it, even in the cartoon he's everything but attractive: he's charming, granted, but not attractive!

... Aaaand I think in this picture he looks even worse than I usually draw him. Sorry Dizzy.

Discord, Pinkie Pie (c) Hasbro

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