The Elements- Moira and Amarok Picture

Some BAD GUYS of the comic THE ELEMENTS: Moira- the Queen of Chaos and her sword ( still needs work... and a title... maybe Typhon) with the Demon Wolf God and King of the Direwolves, Amarok.

For those who know and love their cryptozoology, Amarok is a North American/Inuit mythological beast, said to be a gigantic white wolf (direwolf) that would hunt and devour anyone caught out lonely at night. Its funny how Amarok and Ragnarok (Norse) sound fairly similar (not in myth mind you), so I made them brothers in the comic

And as big as you think Amarok is here for a wolf/direwolf please take note that Moira is almost 8 feet tall... So yes... one big effing puppy. Not including his ferocity, he has the power to summon lesser beasts, travel through dimensions, through time and can freeze time momentarily by a gift that he had stole from a certain Fate.

This what happens when I get frustrated with work- I draw my own stuff. And I've found I like pencil over ink- there is no way the translation from pencil to ink would have turned out like this. Even the paper gives everything texture. Also takes HALF the time.
Less than 4 hours.

The Elements © 2013 Jac Taylor <i>
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