Chaos Theory Picture

A film by Justin Wiggan and PirateHairWaves

Chaos theory” is a film experiment by artists Justin Wiggan and PirateHairWaves to explore the behavior of nonlinear mathematics and dynamical physical systems that under pin the narrative and conceptual structure of the Star wars films by George Lucas.
By over layering all 6 films the piece explores certain conditions exhibited in the Star Wars dynamic that are sensitive to initial conditions (popularly referred to as the butterfly effect).
The behavior of chaotic systems which appear to be random by the layering of all 6 Star Wars films show an exponential growth of errors in the initial conditions of the films.
These deterministic systems are revealing their future by defining their initial conditions in terms of character, format, story line and sound.
This therefore leads to the conclusion that by this process they are no random elements involved, even though the elements were random in their relationship to each other.
This process of past informing future, future leading past is a key function in the narrative of the Star Wars Movies.
Chaos Theory” tries to explain how small random events affect systems in an unpredictable way.
The piece exhibits mathematical and mythological chaos which suggests complete disorder by using the repeated ongoing format of the Star Wars films that clearly defined structure. By the historical layering we reveal a chaotic climate.
We are looking at the classification of science fiction bleeding with science fact in the same style and approach of that of the free jazz musician legends like Ornette Coleman and Albert Ayler.
By using the Free jazz idioms as a template approach in the Star Wars series there appears a compositional improvisation between story line and visual and sound elements become apparent and common themes and concepts alters slightly each time they occur.
The films act as a template for the dynamical physical systems provided by the composed material in the content of the film as we are freeing up certain structures of bebop element in the Star Wars film and , in fact developing new structures of composition, character, story line and history.
George Lucas’s original style of epic storytelling that uses motifs and rhythms is now more freely variable but has not disappeared entirely due to this experiment.
The events of Star Wars are the foundation for the experiment. Each Star Wars film begins with an "opening crawl" of text that provides specific context for the events of the film.

"A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...." is the line that appears first in the opening crawl for each film and alludes to the classic fairy tale opening of, "Once upon a time, in a faraway land..."
This opening focal point is where the experiment takes root, as the recognition of the title page breaks into chaotic jazz like image and sound structures.
Common themes and concepts alter slightly each time they occur.
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