Kami of Love: Kagome Picture

So.... i'm not getting into the long story but there was talk on another site between friends and myself abotu Sess being hard to draw in a skirt, specifically in a 'Roman/Greek/mythology' type way... now this piece that i've put up goes beyond that conversation but its kinda the end result.

*This is a follow to the Kami of War, Kagome: Kami of Love

:\ I'm really not too happy with DA right now, they went a head and pulled to Serects b/c some lameass reported it. Secrest had kagome sitting on Sess' lap wearing a night gown... not getting into it but a certain site sucks monkeyballs, policy or not. and who ever rated on me, well karma's a bich and i hope someone breaks your big toe :[

*is still upset 3 days later*

Kagome©RumikoTakahashi and all the people she sold out to over the years! Go RT! >:l Stupid miko going to abusive hanyou... ANYWAY.... Stupid Yusha...

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