The Serpentarius Picture

This is Asklepos, the Alpha Legion Librarian, Omegon's operative.
Incredibly ancient and more so cunning, this man's wisdom is comparable only to his power. Many an diversion, a war has been carried out according to his plan, dealing a blow after blow to the hated order he and his brothers sworn to destroy.
Asklepos is an expert on human nature and behavior, able to see through the tangled webs of Imperial politics and chaos tides.

The initial concept was to tie the Alpha Legion to some identifiable aesthetics. When I first sketched down this bust, I didn't know where to go, but then it hit me - the letters, Alpha and Omega, the Hydra symbol - of course, it should be Hellas, Greek aesthetics. I've scattered the said symbolism and mythological references all around the picture and I hope it would be nice to look at it.

Technically, it's was very complicated, the initial size of the canvas around 7000x6000 pix, and working on it I've got the worst tunnel syndrom ever.

Another interesting thing about it is that I've done it in Painter Tool SAI. Unfortunately, right when I was doing the picture, my trial period expired, and I couldn't save it. So I've screencapped the pic part by part, all in all in 15 parts, and then reassembled them in PS, which was one hell of a job. But I saved it.

Still, I think it payed off.
It's one of those pictures i consider a personal achievement.
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