Evolution I: Chaos Picture

This piece of art is the first of a trilogy art piece that I call "The Evolution Trilogy". "Evolution I" or "Chaos" represents how I view my past in my discovery of life. This piece also expresses the confusion and difficulty that I felt from the moment I was born all the way up to these last few years. The darkness and uncertainty I attempted to portray in "Chaos" expressed the hard times there was in my life.

The phoenix in this piece represents the beauty that can come out of anarchy and the time it takes to learn and grow from acquired knowledge and wisdom. A phoenix is a bird from Eastern Mythology that is reborn from its own ashes after it dies. I like to think of life like that. Once you complete something and move on after you accomplished the goal, you do not think how sad it is because it’s gone and dead but instead remember what you have experienced and look forward to eventually learn something new out of a new cycle of knowledge.

The fire usually represents the destruction of life but in this case I want fire to show the beginning of life but in a disorderly way. Fire is seen to symbolize damage and distress but I want this fire to show how knowledge can be reborn into the new phase in a person’s life. In this phase, a person can choose what they want to do in life and there are second chances to learn and do new things. The phoenix surrounds the fire because shows how people should accept their life and the phases that life goes through. To deny knowledge and try to push the experience out of your life will only cause more anarchy and harm to yourself. To start a new cycle doesn’t necessarily mean you need to be reborn. You can easily start by changing the way you view yourself and life.
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