Valhalla-Loki God of Mischief and Chaos Picture

Loki, God of Mischief and Chaos. When he was young he would always play pranks on the other Gods, sometimes with his older brother Thor. As he got older his ability with magic has increased exponentially, even his ability to shape shift into any form. Seeing Ildri for the first time when he was young he has fallen head over heels for her, once he was old enough he asked her to be his lover, Ildri just stared blankly at him and accepted, of course filled with joy but blinded to her ill intent towards him. being with her for almost half a century he was ready to ask her to marry him, sadly it was not meant to be. Seeing her lifeless, bloodied body on the floor and Aura standing in front of her covered in what he assumed was Ildri blood, Loki went into a rampage, and destroyed half of Asgard in the process but unable to kill Aura. Once he saw there was no way in killing her he left for Midgard, to destroy something she holds dear in that world.

Voice Actor:
Vic Mignogna

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