Tranquil-Chaos Picture

why am i stepping on a dragons tail, and why is there a dragon in the first place? because of my DA name of course! Tranquil-chaos has two meanings, one it is a contradictory name, you cannot have tranquil chaos! the other meaning is chaos is sleeping, in greek mythology chaos is a dragon (a huge dragon) and is the god of chaos, to put it simply my name means sleeping dragon! now why is the dragon in this id not sleeping? because it is a contradiction within a contradiction, (man do i love contradictions) in other words it is a paradox, (i also love paradoxes) it is a picture that contradicts the contradicting name (even if the name is interpreted by it's second meaning: a sleeping dragon) so i have created a contradiction within a contradiction within a contradiction!!! AHAH take that Einstien!! ponder that for a while and instead of making sense it will confuse you! Man what a mind job!
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