30 Monster Girls - 03 - Slime Picture

Decided to do another 30 (insert topic here) challenge, this time it's the monster girl challenge, and rather than do one a day I'm taking my time with this one so they'll pop up a bit sporadically.

This time we have a Slime; a creature that is fairly recent, having no mythological background (that I can find, please link me if I'm wrong) Nearest I can tell it may have first appeared in the earliest versions of dungeons and dragons as the green slime. It may have been inspired by the research of Georgius Agricola, and old world accounts of explorers encountering dangerous acid goos in caves (which are known to form into globs and 'drips')

The Slime is more plant like than animal like, growing to massive sizes and clinging to nearly any available surface. It's questionable as to weather or not Slimes are sentient as they seem to more of a hive mind of organisms (like corals)

Slimes feed by surrounding their prey, setting traps as complex as springing from the ceiling or walls, and as simple as sitting on the floor like a puddle. Once they latch onto a victim the will attempt to eat it by dissolving it, they can eat anything from flesh and bone to armor and weapons. Once caught it's extremely difficult to escape, though it since they prefer to hide in dark humid areas its possible extreme heat and/or light will drive them away.

Now slimes do not have an actual gender (they reproduce by dividing, or mingling with another slime) This particular Slime however is trying (unsuccessfully) to disguise itself as it's previous meal, with what few bits of bone are left. This may work out in it's favor though as there's bound to be at least one foolish adventure who will assume he's stumbled upon a grateful maiden.


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