This is Chaos Picture

This is my entry into o-Why-is-a-Raven-o's contest. You had to answer the question, 'Why is a Raven like a Writing Desk?' And this is my answer: Because even chaos requires a bit of order. I went with imagery - in mythology and even today, black birds like ravens and crows are seen as harbingers of death and chaos. A writing desk strikes me as a place where things are pinned down on paper; a place where ideas become real, and order is established... kinda weird, but I like how the picture turned out.

I had no idea how to draw a raven, so I Googled it. I found a good tute here: [link]

I also looked up some pics of Tim Burton's Cheshire Cat because I liked how he seemed to always be made out of mist, so I decided to put him in, peeking over the raven's shoulder.

I'd just finished watching a Ben 10 episode featuring the Forever Knights, which will explain the thees, thys and references to an 'order' underneath my answer.

The circle with a feather in the middle of it on the parchment is supposed to be a stamp... but it didn't turn out as good as i'd hoped... and I decided to put the swinging clock in at the end, 'coz I thought it looked too boring over that side.

I used a black Artline pen and pencils. The fading/blush technique I used is really easy, and I got taught it when I was little.
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