Chaos Picture

Chaos, in one of his/her favorite appearances.
Chaos is a fan of the female body, and also a fan of the male voice. The end result is a female with a singing range lower than any bass, and average for an alto/tenor. Chaos loves to sing. S/he spends all his/her time singing. In fact, Chaos spends so much time singing with music blasting ridiculously loudly in his/her ears, s/he often uses a really crude version of sign language so s/he doesn't have to take of his/her headphones to hear what you're saying.
Chaos' house is a two story building with a front porch that overviews Hell. Why hell? Because Heaven is crawling with pompous Gods and asshole Devils. Hell is actually a lot quieter than Heaven, especially where Chaos decided to put his/her house.
Chaos lives in his/her bedroom most of the time, hung over his/her very own computer that holds TV show versions of all the realms and dimensions. Current favorite show happens to be Supernatural. S/he is obsessing on Castiel. No one is sure why. Currently, Chaos is living off chocolate and caramel candies, Coke-Cola, and little to no sleep. S/he hasn't done the laundry in a while, but s/he plans to get around to that... later. In the meantime, Chaos is going to draw designs for a new body for him/herself. So far, s/he isn't coming up with anything worthwhile. Oh well.
Chaos, despite common belief, is in charge of everything. Hence why his/her house/office/living space is a complete wreck of paperwork and ignored mail. At least 50 thousand Devils, Gods, Angels, and Demons come to the door every day, but Chaos only answers it if the bell rings more than 123 times in a row, rapid fire. Most visitors give up on the 60th ring, because their fingers get tired, or they just don’t know that it would only take 63 more rings before Chaos answered the door.
Finally, if you're praying for something from "God" and your prayers go unanswered, don't take is personally. Chaos ignores everybody equally.
Base is by ~Tori001
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