Extreme Children of Chaos Picture

This is another design for the Extreme Capital Comics Universe. I haven't actually typed up an origin for these gals yet because I was concentrating on the good guys but the design for this was in my head.

Anyway, to avoid over-complicating the universe before it has even started I asked that we not have "gods" in it but with Thundara being daughter of Thor that would provide challenging. So we basically came up with the idea they aren't actually gods but aliens who have been and gone with such sophicated technology compared to us mere humans they began to think themselves as gods, kind of like Princess Zarda in Supreme Power.

The Children of Chaos are basically Loki's daughters. All twins but two of them are identical and one non-identical.

Anyway, all the notes are kind of on the deviation so there's not much for me to say except that the one thing I really wanted on the designs were a similarity to Loki himself [link] but all wearing the same outfit with minor adjustments for the personality but still the same outfit.

Anyway, hope you like it
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