Chaos - The Void (CAG) Picture

A concept i made a few weeks ago for Irongun007's contest on /r/Smite

I didn't want to make Chaos as a buble/eye of darkness full with tentacles, so i went with a more commom aproach, and as i always saw Greek deitys as having human appeareance it seemed fitting to me :)

So that's how it would show itself most ot the time, while having a true form (with no defined sex and unstable shape) that would only appear sometimes
I tried to represent the concept of division on ther armor/cracks, as the name Chaos can mean scission, separation; and that's how her children were born, from parts of herself
"She" would have an somewhat mad and unstable personality, but not exactly evil

I don't have a complete idea for her kid, but i imagine she would be some "chaos creating" hability, as that's expected (even though that might fit more into Eris lore)
One of her habilities could be a mix between Aprho's Back Off and Poseidons Whirlpool, as in she would slightly pull surrounding enemis to her and then push them alway in a explosion of her armor and that skill would grant passive protection when it's not on cooldown

And her ult would be when it would show it's true form, possibly gaining a whole new set of different habilities while active
some kind of teleportation that would leave a void decoy behind

well, that's all i could think of for know
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