Senior Project: God and Chaos Picture

More sketches of the God. I should note that her official name is 'The Creator'.
On this page I finally worked out the wing design. I wanted wings that were made of energy or magic or something. She can make them disappear when she is not flying.

Down below is the main enemy of the story, Hundun, which means Chaos. His design was inspired by Chinese mythology. Three stories in particular talk about chaos: the first tells of an emperor with a face that had no orifices (no eyes, ears, ect), and so 2 other emperors decided to drill these holes into his face for him. But in the end this kills him. This story is where my Hundun got his featureless face (which is actually a mirror).

The second story that influenced his design is about the Dijiang bird, which was sometimes used to represent chaos. This bird was shaped like a sack and had 6 legs and 4 wings, and had no head. I made Hundun's tail thick and rounded like a sack to reference this, and obviously he has the same number of limbs as the Dijiang bird.

Finally, there was another story about an emperor who was playing chess against a goatskin bag, which he called 'chaos', to mock it. He had a servant move the pieces for the bag, and in the end, the emperor lost. He became angry at the bag, filled it with blood, and shot lightning arrows at it to defeat the 'chaos'.
My Hundun will also be defeated in a similar way. He has some arrows stuck in his tail as a callback to the original myth, but he will be killed by The Creator when she shoots arrows of light at him.
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