Persephone-Age Meme Picture

Look another OC! Persephone!

More Greek mythology!

1) She's just an innocent little soul :3
2) She's getting bored picking flowers, having her mother bug her ever 5 minutes, and having no friends
3) She got kidnapped by Hades and is in the underworld
4) She got used to her new lifestyle as the new Queen of the Underworld

Is a total daddy's girl and mama's girl
She is spoiled rotten by everyone (including her husband)
An obsession with flowers
Her best friend is Calypso (Calypso-Age Meme)
She has her head in the clouds 24/7
Art is by me
Please, no copying or altering without my permission
Or I'll be forced to add a watermark and I really don't want to do that
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