Unit: Mist (Transformers Oc's) Picture

10 girls who are extraordinary

Katerina 'Kitty': (Goddess) Commander: Shy, Honest; Witty; Sarcastic; Protective; Selfless; Playful; Independent; Quick-Witted; Graceful; Generous; Humorous; Mischievous; Seductive; Flirtatious; Spunky; Poised; Stubborn and Curious. 16-21

Calypso 'Cally': (Witch) Spy: Sassy; Dark, Sarcastic; Independent; Outspoken; Bold; Brave; Flirtatious; Stubborn; Sneaky; Ambitious; Idealistic; Dramatic; a little Weird; Protective and sometimes negative.17-22

Jasmine 'Jazzy': (Shapeshifter) Saboteur: Confident; Preppy; Sexy; Intuitive; Upbeat; Headstrong; Outgoing; Flirty; Prankster; Compassionate; Sassy; Free-Spirited a bit short-tempered and Sweet.16-21

Izabelle 'Belle': (Non-Vampire) Medic: Daring; Attractive; Cunning; Eccentric; Passionate; Wise; Sweet; Kind; Brave; Intelligent; , Polite; Caring; Humble; Artistic; Idealistic; Stubborn; Spirited; Witty; Independent; Graceful; Understanding and a Short-Tempered.16-21

Astra: (Mermaid) Scout and Explosive Specialist: Free-spirited: Curious; Kind; Adventurous; Bright; Artistic; Intrigued; Headstrong; Smart; Mischievous, Impulsive; Sensitive; Brave; Selfless; Feisty; Irritable; Caring; Shy; Awkward; Humorous; Cheerful; Fun-Loving; Childlike; Innocent; Polite; Sweet; Lovable, Perky and a Bit Gullible. 15-20

Rhea: (Kitsune) Weapons Specialist and Ninja: A bit of a Trigger Happy, Calm, Grounded; Courageous; Outspoken; Witty; Dogmatic; Alert; Astute; Tenacious; Resourceful; Opinionated; Pensive; Brave; Creative; Peaceful; Outdoorsy and takes no BS. 18-25

Shiverblast 'Shiver' (Gorgon) Inventor, Techie and Hacker: Feisty: Defiant; Kind; Sweet; Shy; Energetic; Adventurous; Courageous; Curious; Innocent; Funny; Child-Like; Creative; Clever; Self-Conscious Determined; Jumpy, Genius and Gamer. 15-20

Nightglimmer 'Glimmer' (Fairy) Strategist: Fearless; Sexy; Clever; Understanding; Flirtatious; Charitable; Bold; Selfless; Caring; Strong; Free-Spirited; Attractive; and Loyal.16-21

Blazetimer 'Blazie' (Elf) Second in Commanded: Intelligent; Caring; Eager; Energetic; Persuasive; Kind; Brave; Resourceful; Aggressive; Vigilant; and Well Manner.18-25

Riversnow 'Snow' (Valkyrie) Seeker and Sniper: Brave; Bold; Patient; Humble; Strong-Willed; Independent, Spitfire; Willful; Headstrong; Caring, Sweet, Kind, Outgoing; Adventurous; Rebellious. 17-22

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