Siblings Picture

In Albert's description, I said he has 2 half brothers. Here they are, Nausinous and Nausithous.

In the mythology, they are the sons of Odysseus and Calypso. For me, they are twin.

Nausinous is the one with dark brown hair and Nausithous is the one with brown light hair.

In this pic, Albert is teasing by his brothers. Calypso is smiling in the back because she just hear them laughing.

''So, you are our little brother? What a surprise our mother give to us.'' Nausithous said.

''So, let me guess. Your father is-'' Nausinous began.

''Is the descendant of Odysseus!'' Albert said, cutting his speach. The two looked each other and laughed to Albert.

''He's descendant of our father?'' Nausinous said as he took a breath.

''Yeah! Stop teasing me. You're teasing me for almost 2 hours. I'm not weak, I'm stronger than you two!'' They laughed more, making Albert angry.

''You? Stronger than us? You don't think you're a little small?'' Nausithous said as he placed his hand on Albert's head.

''Yeah, you need to grow up, junior.'' Nausinous said as he show to Albert how much he needed to grow.

''I wasn't talking 'bout muscle. I was talking 'bout brain. I'm more stonger than you on that.'' They crossed their arms too and looked at their brother.

''Are you saying we're stupid?'' Nausithous asked.

''Almost. What was your idea to come in a island with the stronger sun in black clothes? You don't know that black clothes absorbs more sun and more heat than clear clothes?'' Albert left his half brothers, the surprise on their face.

''Okay, he won this one.'' Nausithous said and Nausinous nodded.
Class of the Titans: Studio B Production
Albert: me
Nausithous and Nausinous: Greek mythology
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