Suits part two Picture

Generally the same idea as part one, except with different characters.

Lux, who has water powers as well, would also have the tubes in the sleeves and I feel like his main attack would be through water-shaped water balloons.

Az, who has super strength and water powers, has a super-stretchy suit as well as the tubes XD And yes, he is picking up a boulder just to prove that he is super buff.

Then there is Brant, who *also* has water powers and has the same idea as Lux and Aliel and Az.

I feel like Calypso's suit would have a certain ability towards it to where she could touch her inner healing and nature-like power enough to where she could maybe produce it from the sleeves, I dunno yet.

Drew, who can control shadows, would have gloves that would make it easier and quicker. As well as a strength inside the suit that would handle any darker creatures, sorta like a shield, or something?

So yeah, that's all for suits now XD I just realized how many water-deities there are in this group... o.o

Anyways, so Lux, Az, and Drew belong to AliceOfMusic

Calypso belongs to AnonymousNostalgia in the forum and Rick Riordan in the PJO series and then Greek mythology before that.

And Brant belongs to Flumiere
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