Tiamat the Dragon Goddess Picture

It’s been a while since I designed a God… I actually had a lot more on my list. But I was going through old art, found an old scrapped design for a story I scrapped before even a few days of planning it. I thought, with a few tweaks, this design would make an awesome Goddess of Dragons.

So here we have Tiamat. … Yeah, Dungeons and Dragons used Tiamat as the name for the five headed Goddess of Dragons, but it seems to be free game… considering the name actually comes from a Chaos Monster/Ocean Goddess from Babylonian mythology.

So this is just my interpretation I guess? Her old name was Calypso, but Tiamat fits better for her new role.

As for what she asks for her followers… Well, I’m still debating that. I’m thinking she asks of them to gather as much wealth as they can in life, and bring it with them to the afterlife. I like to think she’d be fond of jewels and gold.

I still have to come up with her reward for her follower in the afterlife though… She’s probably popular among the already wealthy ( they have little work to do to gain her favor, you see… ), and the Dragosaurians ( like Sheila’s father, and Giiravonni for example ).

…Aslo, those lights at the end of her tail ( used to be jewels before the redesign ) I like to imagine they can see past, present, and (potential ) future events.

These deities are not likely to make any actual appearances in my stories, outside of statues and artwork, so if that sounds too good for a character, so most this info is pretty useless..
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