I'm Pasiphae. Pasiphae Pain. Picture

The third sister is out. Next is Calypso. She's a blank flank


Name: Pasiphae Pain
Age: A few years younger than Founders of Equestria (stop aging at 13)
Legacy representaion: Pasiphae, Greece mythology
Talent: Manipulate the legendary Mist for heroes from Equestria.
Spells: Unknown, prefer to be powerful ones.
CM: Nopony knows. After resurected, her old CM was destroyed.
Family: Medea (neice), Circe (half-sister), Helios (Dad), Perse (mom), Calypso (half- sister) and Hecate (half-mother)


As Pasiphae's cutie mark was destroyed, nopony knows her real talent. Being pretty, manipulate the Mist or perform super powerful spells. Remain to be close to Medea, Circe and Calypso, she develope a new, powerful spell called 'the Mistiokinesis', a spell that helps create or manipulate the Mist. Lived in Coreece with only her sisters and niece, Helios gave the ability to create flaming, phoenix wings to travel, proceed or stay. It is said that she is the last one that lived, during the 'Equestrian War', believed to held the power to summon monsters from Tartarus.

Base by Raini-Bases
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