Angel Weapons 1 Picture

So now that I've posted all of my OCs, it's time I focus on my own art. First up as a little teaser as to what's going to be coming in the next couple of weeks. These are the weapons from a book i'm writing about angels. These are the main angels (and the 7 Archs) weapons. When I first started the story and images, it was heavily based on Bleach and the look was based on art by Hyung Tae Kim and Wen-M ([link]) so many of the weapons are based off of these artists work. Over time, I've tried to alter them enough so that it doesn't look like plagarism. I hope it was effective.

As an Angelic weapon, each weapon is an extension of the Angel's "soul" and contains the only known substance strong enough to injure and kill an Angel or Fallen Angel- Angelfire. The more unique forms of Angelfire are usually found mostly in the Fallen Weapons. There are 3 types of Angelfire that a weapon may possess:
- Blade Fire: This is when the blade of the weapon is covered in Angelfire.
- Liquid: Acts as an acid. Some weapons can inject it into the body.
- Pure Fire: This is a concentrated form of Angelfire that appears as a kind of energy without the use of a medium

As a sidenote, Angelfire does not actually look like fire. When covering a blade, it just makes the blade look superheated or as if the blade is made of energy. Also, I tried to keep each weapon unique so I only gave swords to the Angels that are expressly stated as having a sword.
(For no reason, I've made each weapon the opposite gender of the angel holding it.)

1. Anemoi
Owner: Gabriel ([link])
Type of Weapon: Gauntlet
Type of Angelfire: Blade Fire (the nails flame), Angelfire Blasts from his palm, and a wave of AF (Angelfire). (Also the blades coming from Anemoi appear when Gabriel uses his powers and are also made of Angelfire)
Extra Abilities: None
Inspiration: Anemoi is the name of the Winds in Greek myth. Anemoi is a gauntlet because of Gabriel's role as the "Left Arm of God"

2. Vulcan
Owner: Uriel ([link])
Type of Weapon: Sword
Type of Angelfire: Blade Fire. Both the blade and the blade attached to the hilt flame.
Extra Abilities: None
Inspiration: Vulcan is the Roman god of fire.

3. Proserpine (Tanto) and Flora (Katana)
Owner: Michael ([link])
Type of Weapon: Dagger and Sword
Type of Angelfire: Blade Fire
Extra Abilities: None
Inspiration: Proserpine is the Roman goddess of Springtime and death, Flora is the Roman goddess of Spring and flowers. I decided to make his swords Japanese inspired because I see him as a sort of samurai.

4. Brigantia
Owner: Raphael ([link])
Type of Weapon: Spear
Type of Angelfire: Blade Fire. The blades on the tip and sides flame.
Extra Abilities: None
Inspiration: Brigantia is a Celtic goddess connected the the goddess Brigid, who's the goddess of healing.

5. Kypris
Owner: Jophiel ([link])
Type of Weapon: Rapier
Type of Angelfire: Blade Fire.
Extra Abilities: The blade of the sword disconnects and becomes a whip.
Inspiration: Jophiel is an angel known for her immense beauty, so I looked at Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love and beauty, who's also known as the "Lady of Cypris."

6. Calypto (Part 1)
Owner: Raziel
Type of Weapon: Quiver
Type of Angelfire: None
Extra Abilities: None
Inspiration: Calypso was a nymph in Greek mythology who's name means "to hide" or "to cover"
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