Frost Giantess Picture

EDIT: This illustration/design REJECTED by Marvel, for the's contest.


"No, not our men,
but I, the one that mothers tell their children about at nights.
I, the one, who they called wretched, cruel, vicious.
I am the one, who is the monster.

Oh, tell, tell the tales sweet mothers.
Filled up the hearts of little ones with fear,
the fear of me.

So I can hear their frozen songs,
While I'm eating their flesh,
And tiny hearts.

My 3rd entry for the Marvel Villains Design Contest. There were Frost Giants and nobody make any comment on Frost Giantesses, so I draw one... with her own "song." (Yup, I wrote that, too)

By the way, that red thing is not a heart. And I used some free textures, they belong to *dierat & ~Knald

tumblr ver. is here.

Frost Giant(esse)s belong to Marvel / Norse Mythology,
Art IS mine.

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