Calypso Picture

Ano... We had to do this thing for the Odyssey, and I was assigned Calypso. So. I decided I'd draw her. At first, I thought it'd turn out really, really horrible. And now all my friends claim it's my best drawing. x.x;

I love the new hair style (which I will never be able to use again). Nogi seen it and had a blast colouring it. XP I had to beg my teacher to grade it real quick so I could take it home and colour it. I got a 47 out of 50 because I didn't explain who the person was in the background. When it was clearly her. 'Cayse I had 'Calypso' written above her. -.- Ah well, I guess. I'm getting an A in Mythology. Bit, I've decided I want to take the Final Exam for the hell of it. It ought to be fun. I'll probably get a 100 on it, anyway. Now if only I could pull that off on my Math final coming up... *sigh*

Y'know what... I always seem to bable instead of 'describe' my drawings... Oops?
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