Calypso As Thor Picture

before you tell me this is the weirdest crossover youve ever seen in your life, let me explain a thing
so, basically my family and i were having dinner in CPK when i brought up caleo as a ship, and asked my brother what he thought of it. he said he liked it because they're kind of like mythology vs technology and all that. and i was like cool yeah i can see that. and then he was like well its also kind of like thor and ironman, you know, because they're myth and technology as well. and you would think that they wouldnt get along at all (and a lot of times they dont) but there is a kind of comradery in there. and i was like YES omg caleo as thor and ironman that is absolutely boss i am going to draw the thing

so this happened
and leo is coming
and who knows? maybe ill do a full on pjo/avengers crossover later

calypso (this version) belongs to rsquared, thor (this version) belongs to marvel
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