(ipc) 'Calypso' - The Lost Hippocampus Picture

The first picture out of 10 that i will be doing for this super lovely contest: [link]
This took a while, and it feels like to me that perhaps if i did this digitally i could get the colour to be more vibrant, alas i AM pleased with how it turned out. Took a few hours XD
Also, no, she is not a merpony, or seapony, she is a Hippocampus, which is a greek mythological creature, that is a horse, with a fish's tail, and sometimes wings.
Her name is Naida, which means 'Water Nymph' and she will appear later in, "The Passage Of Time"
I hope you like her. ^_^
oh and this is the picture she is inspired from, [link]
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