Calypso reference sheet-y thing-y Picture

BLEAUGH BLEAUGH posting this from Tumblr YOU CAN'T STOP MEEEEEE...

What else to do when I’m sick at home than to doodle ALL THE THINGS? Here’s a character from another ghost story I was working on, where, if anyone remembers him, Edwin Loss was going to be made the main character.

This is Callie (Calypso) Cross, a twenty-year-old student double majoring in psychology and history (mythology) with an interest in abnormal psychology. She’s studying schizophrenia with an emphasis on patients claiming to be possessed, haunted, or guided by the gods, as her final research topic before graduation; but her research into the haunting of the mind lead her to a haunting of an even more dangerous sort.

So we have normal Callie, ??? Callie, angry Callie, happy Callie, and indoors Callie (she wears those rad glasses that darken or lighten depending on the light).

(By the way, what do you guys think of her name? It’s liable to change at this point, but could any of guys recommend and other last names ending in “C”? GOTTA HAVE THAT ALLITERATION…)

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