Calypso Picture

Hey everyone!

Here I am with a new drawing. A few days ago, I suddenly decided I wanted to do my own version of Calypso. To those who are not familiar with her and her story, here's the short version. Calypso was a nymph in Greek mythology who lived on the island of Ogygia. Her mother was the nymph Pleione and her father was the Titan Atlas. She was also a powerful sorceress. Calypso welcomed Odysseus on her island as a castaway but later wanted to keep him there so she held him on the island for about 10 years with the promise to make him immortal. Odysseus didn't succumb to her beauty and power and eventually left; his desire to go back home was greater. However, there are rumours about the two of them having one or two sons.

Calypso seems like a really haunting and mysterious character to me and that's what drew me to her. I used the gorgeously beautiful Karen Elson as reference.

Hope you like it her much as I do!
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